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The first cryptocurrency, created 2008. Lets you send and receive money without any middlemen like banks. It is community managed, without a central authority or control.

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An operating system and platform for creating and running smart contracts. These are decentralized applications that verifiably run as promised - without downtime, censorship, or interference.

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A Blockchain payment system for banks, payment providers, digital asset exchanges, and other companies. Designed to move large amounts of money quickly and reliably.

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Bitcoin Cash

A clone ("fork") of Bitcoin that focuses on processing high volumes of transactions differently. Created because of disagreements about how to best scale the original digital currency.

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Developing an operating-system like platform for building and running decentralized applications. Provides a scalable, plug-and-play toolkit for smart contract developers.

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An offshoot of Bitcoin with very similar features. Litecoin's goal is to create a currency for very cheap and fast transactions. Same vision as Bitcoin - to become digital money.

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A security-focused Blockchain based on peer-reviewed research. A platform for decentralized applications and smart contracts which allows for mathematical code verification.

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A nonprofit organization that’s building an open system where people of all income levels can access financial services. Working with banks to enable text message money transfers.

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A secure, private and untraceable cryptocurrency. Monero is focused on being anonymous digital money. It hides senders, receivers, and payment amounts through modern cryptography.

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